Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Strange Day

Just got back from Wells Town Council. It was dominated by a ninety minute discussion on public toilets. I left just before 10pm and they had only got through about a third of the agenda. The LibDem mayor Joyce Trett came under fire as she is on the District Council's Public Toilets Working Party (I kid ye not!) and had seemingly failed to report back the Town Council what was being planned for Wells. She did her best to get out of a tight corner but to be honest appeared rather rattled.

I had intended to spend much of the day out on the doorstep but we were asked not to go canvassing as a mark of respect to the Pope. I suspect the same will happen on Friday.

Tomorrow we launch our Norfolk-wide campaign with a press conference in Norwich with Shadow Cabinet Minister Tim Yeo. It's hard to believe that we've finally reached the starting gate and that in only 31 days' time it will all be over. MP or not MP, that is the question!

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