Friday, April 27, 2007

My Latest Telegraph Article: Women to Win

Click HERE to read my latest Telegraph article which appears in the paper today. It's about David Cameron's appeal to women and why women will decide the outcome of the next election.


Laurence Boyce said...

Very nice article.

Here’s something for Polly Toynbee to ponder on. It’s a startling fact that if women had never had the vote, Britain would have had a continuous Labour government since 1945.

That is indeed a startling fact, but one which is almost certainly erroneous, as no account is being taken of the alternative path of history that would have unfolded. Men would have eventually grown tired of Labour, hard though that is to imagine.

The Conservative Muslim Women’s Group.

Now that sounds like a barrel of laughs!

verity said...

I will not be cruel enough to post on The Telegraph's website, but, Iain, I must take issue with you. David Cameron is Tony Blair redux, with his three "kids" his Espace, his pregnant wife to see in 2000 at the Millennium Dome. David Cameron, with his family - yesterday's news. Been there. Done that. Icky. Won't work a second time.

No one cares about his performance with an oven glove in the kitchen. Trust me. No one gives a crap. They want a leader. Dave isn't one. He is so dismissive of the British voter that he believes they will vote for him on the basis of staged pantomime photos.

Photo op huskies and hoodies. Mitts for the oven with a confounded look. Loading the dishwasher. Women know he has a stay-at-home wife, which is a luxury most families cannot afford in today's harsh socialist Britain, and they have household help.

Give it a rest, Dave. Get your face out of the camera (please!)and promise a revision of the tax system to reward people in work with families, so families can afford for mothers to do what they do best: stay at home with their young children.

The disabled kid that he hawked around mercilessly to features editors to show how much use he makes of the NHS - so what? You can afford to go private, Dave, and shouldn't be using up slender "resources" for your photo ops. You are robbing a needy child and family of a bed and treatment.

Dave makes me sick.

My instincts are conservative, as are my family's, and I have voted Conservative in every election in my life, but not the next one.

Actually, I feel quite invigorated by the thought.

Different subject: John Major for Mayor of London. Yes. It's destiny. Both words are pronounced the same in Spanish. Mayhor. The best. He'd be great.

Newmania said...

I can`t say I thought this was all that deep .You were aiming I suppose to be humorously provocative ,but I am uncertain you pulled it off entirely. Cameron makes himself the darling of the women’s vote largely by saying little, and letting the Labour Government destroy the Family .
This has been done with nothing concrete ,but with a manner he has got right for the daytime TV sofa, which Gordon brown cannot emulate . Look for example the way he dealt with ,“Lousie “, single mother and therefore ,supposedly, the scourge of society ,on "You and Yours". Louise asked him what he thought of her and…” he expressed huge admiration for her efforts and only tactfully suggested that fathers should be obliged to pull their weight to”. He could not have played it more perfectly. Brown would have been lost.
Brown is a statistical battering ram an 80s politician . Its about style in a wider sense than you suggest I think. BTW I am also in the Papers the Standard to be exact. Parge 20.…( following an exchange on your estimable Blog)….ooopsy daisy

verity said...

Iain says in his article: "Cameron is the young man next door, the kind of man they would like their daughters to marry."

Why would any woman want her daughter to marry a 40-year old man with children, one of them severely disabled? Even if he were the Old Etonian next door?

We've heard this song before. Dave is a copier, not an original. I hope he loses the election and clears the decks for the 21st Century.

Lady Finchley said...

Absolutely spot on, Iain. It is what I call the JFK effect - I remember my mother and her friends flocking to the main street to see JFK when he was campaigning in 1960 - the next time I saw that kind of adulation was Beatlemania. After dear old Ike and the long suffering Mamie women wre delighted with Jack n' Jackie - they were fresh, young and even though they were in reality, patrician, - they were accessible. My father of course was unphased and voted for Nixon - but the poor guy didn't stand a chance. It was the women 'wot won it'.

Anonymous said...

You still display a Southern bias Iain and wishful thinking.

Women can vote throughout these islands but not as a bloc.

There are women who like the handbags Samantha Cameron carries, or whose husbands went to school with her husband.....there are other women whose children get beaten up at school; who cannot get choice of school; who live with crime on estates or are mugged on the street.

They don't see Cameron as the solution but rather more of the problem.

Anonymous said...


Basically you said "let me explain myself" (to the feminists) and then went on to argue that women would vote for Cameron because they wanted to go to bed with him.

Is that about right?

I must confess it's not the most enlightened argument I've ever heard. Think you've been reading Guido's comments a bit too much.

As to Verity, go stuff yourself you old BNP voting crone. We don't want racist votes - you previously said you'd vote BNP. You are blind to the facts. Cons lead massively amongst women and have done since Cameron was elected.

javelin said...

There is a very uncomfortable issue that Iain (and I suppose most people) doesn't want to discuss.

1) Presentation should not determine a vote for a politician.

2) Alot of womens votes appear to be determined by presentation.

3) Womens votes appear to hold the balance of power.

So implictly the facts say say that womens votes are not good for democracy or the country?

Newmania said...

Verity you have David Cameron entirely wrong and on the subject of the disabled kid, about which George Walden was corrucating I will quote my mother

" Oh for god`s sake he`s a poltician , grow up...and when are you going to have proper haircut "

The last bit is irrelevant but I `m a stickler for reporting accuracy

Mark said...

Did the Telegraph backpedal on their promise to let you use the word "shaggability", Iain? They've missed out on a broadsheet first!

kris said...

If th party really believes that women will cast the deciding votes - you'd think that Dave would reign in the misogynist attack dogs who serve only to alienate.

Will said...

"Women can vote" shock ;-)

Laurence Boyce said...

Verity, you don’t think there’s any chance that Cameron actually wants to have a family, and actually needs his Espace? Just a thought.

Hamer Shawcross said...

Bloody hell, Iain, have you read the comments from the readers?

I don't agree with your article at all (as well as feeling that some of the "facts" are more opinions than anything else) but in comparison to the comments you look like Germaine Greer!

Newmania said...

Kris Said- “ Dave would reign in the misogynist attack dogs.”
King David’s new domain sounds most unappetising to me and unlike Broon he will have an election not a coronation. Anyway I`m not sure that women don’t like to know their place
"Put your knickers on and make the tea". .gives them a clear function and sense of achievement
"What is your sense of the Conservative Party’s intentions on tax “. Well….. thats going to confuse them isn’t it . Most women would go into as catatonic panic attack and eventually say “ It’s the new black “ or “ shopping “ before retiring for a lie down and a book on dieting.

Anonymous said...

"Cameron is promoting family-friendly policies"

Is 'promoting' a way of saying 'has talked about' rather than 'would introduce'.

All these opinions on the back of 'promoting' ideas and policies are misleading and hopeful.

About time he starts actually talking about policies.

more vulgar than a vulcans vulva said...

" Anyway I`m not sure that women don’t like to know their place
"Put your knickers on and make the tea". .gives them a clear function and sense of achievement "

Dead right.

This whole "career women" thing is rubbish too. Most women admit to me (in private) they'd much rather stay at home all day and be a housewife. And they are ALL university graduates. No bullshit.

They feel ashamed to admit this in public because it seems unambitious, lazy and treasonous to the female "liberation" thing.

But look how gooey they get about babies, settling down "one day" and getting a pet rabbit. They like maintaining and running a home. It makes them happy. And why not?

"Career women" are the ones with too much testerone, haven't found a bloke yet, or who bat for the other side. They're almost always the argumentative arrogant ones - not my cup of tea. Erugh!

The reason 50% of managers aren't women, is because they don't want to be. Not because of sexism or discrimination *yawn* *yawn*..

God, I'm so right, it makes me hurt.

I'll still get called sexist by the jockeys on this blog though....

Bring it on!!

The Hitch said...

I dont know any women who like cameron , All the ones I know think he is a creep , even my idiot aunt who voted for Blair , she thinks Cameron is even less substantial and even less trustworthy

CalumCarr said...

Rarely have I read such a vacuous article but good for you, Iain, if The Telegraph paid you for it.

You could have saved 768 words if you had restricted yourself to:

"Cameron has got charisma. Tony Blair has it, Bill Clinton has it, but Gordon Brown hasn't. That is a large part of the reason why Cameron beats Brown in head-to-head opinion polls and is on course to beat him at a general election."

The Hitch said...

vulva the problem with "career women" is that they are mostly in need of a good shagging and havent actually met a man who is capable of giving them one .
They spend all their time with corporate pussies so are unlikely to meet one.
That is apart from the ones who are lezzas.
Once they have had a good nailing their career goes out of the window and as you say all they want are babies and more nailings.

Desperate Dan said...

If women are listening to Dave on Five Live they might change their minds about supporting him. He's in the middle of being a crashing disappointment and he's making a complete pig's ear out of the opportunity that's been given to him to show what he's made of..

wrinkled weasel said...

Very funny article and the tenor of it is sadly true. Most wimmin think politics is silly and vote for the bloke with the nicest smile.

Women MPs are either strident, or ugly or lezzers or all three.(Theresa Villiers excepted)

steppenwolff said...

Blatabtly off topic but heigh ho - did you see "Killer Bands with Miliband" on MTV Flux last night? 2 of the songs were his choice. The rest were chosen for him. Twat.

more vulgar than a vulcans vulva said...

the hitch 1:08

So true.

Btw, if there *are* any career women reading in need of a good nailing - post a comment. Happy to oblige.

Apart from verity.. not my type.

(Hitch: yours)

Newmania said...

Hey Weasel that Flint woman looked pretty saucy on question time last night.I certainly would .

I think in fact she is probably the most shaggable woman in politics at the moment and having checked around a bit I can`t find any better. I think she went to he same Uni as Iain actually . As a bum-achingly PC Labour woman living on her looks I expect they had simply 'loads' in common. Every single MP from her constituency prior to her was a Local Union Man..a sign of the times

Any more Polly Tickle babes?

Anonymous said...


It's obvious that you're taking a day off.

So tell me

- who gave you permission?

Anonymous said...
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verity said...

Laurence Boyce - You misunderstood me - probably because I wrote a confusing sentence. I said David Camera was trying to be like Tony Blair with his three "kids" and his Espace. Dave wouldn't have an Espace. Pulleeeeeeze.

Reading of the time, many people saw through JFK and Jackie, but it was the first time a politician had intentionally set out to use sex appeal to win the woman's vote, and to peddle his family, instead of policies, as a vote-getter.

The first time this tangent - family instead of policies - was tried in Britain was 40 or whatever years later, by Tony Blair. It succeeded (despite the presence of the ghoulish Cherie - no Jackie Kennedy she) not because Blair was particularly appealing, but because the Conservatives had built up such a bank of hatred that anyone who posed with young children could probably have got in. Don't forget, Blair also comes across as gay - not a real family man at all; and he got in despite that perception. So with Blair, it wasn't family, just hatred of the Tories.

But even Blair, who is hardly a model of restraint and good taste, did not expect to win solely on manufactured photo ops and manufactured ideas that have nothing to do with people's lives - huskies on Norwegian ice floes, an "All Ya Need Is Love" attitude to feral, violent, illiterate children, pretending to bicycle to work, pretending to clean grafitti off walls (I thought we had council workers to do that?), pretending to sweep up rubbish, pretending, pretending, pretending. Etc. And not a single policy. You're supposed to vote for Dave because he has come up with some spiffing photo ops.

Bullingdon Bertie - no thanks.

The Hitch, the women I know think Cameron is a poseur. He's a pr shill. He has no experience of being a chief executive. He has no substance.

Women are more astute than men at reading people.

I can't be bothered to go back and look, but whoever castigated me for intending to vote for the BNP, for the record, I am going to vote for UKIP if they are available where I can vote, and if not, theBNP. I am incapable of voting for Dave, yet I am not going to waste my precious vote. I don't even know what the BNP's policies are, other than they are far left socialist, and I loathe socialism with all my heart, but I will be using it as a stick to beat the Tories. Why so abusive and angry?

Anonymous said...

'He has delivered on his pledge to select more women candidates.'

Sorry, Iain, but that is total bollocks. Have you had a look recently? All the female Tories get selected in unwinnable seats.

There's lots of research on this - clearly you haven't read it.

Laurence Boyce said...

But David Cameron does have an Espace. Tony Blair has a Chrysler Voyager. And four kids.

Anonymous said...

The more I read of Verity the more I understand why Jewish and Islamic men like to knock their women about a bit and consider them to be second class citizens. Segregation of the sexes must be so that the men don't have to listen to all that shrill "I am right and you are wrong" egomania.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.10:

You are"Mike" and I claim my £5!

verity said...

Anonymous 2:23 - You clever thing! I'll throw in a virtual fiver myself!

Laurence Boyce - Dave really has an Espace? How awful. Still, I suspect he's had the engine taken out and had it fitted with pedals so he can pedal it around London without using up "precious resources".

Iain - women aren't fooled by cosmetic tricks. We know plenty of our own. We quite enjoy seeing them employed by other women. But we are very aware of when cosmetic trickery is being used. And Dave is all trickery, just like Tony Blair. No substance.

I read your piece in The Telegraph and found it patronising and wrong. The women I know don't like Dave, although they still intend to vote Tory just to get rid of the socialists. But it's a negatively-motivated vote.

Newmania said...
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Observer said...

she is sex on a stick..

She is 46 years old.....and a harpie from ILEA and every crackpot Left organisaion the taxpayer chose to fund

ToMTom said...

Hamer Shawcross...can you draw that sword from its scabbard yet ?

Remember Peterloo ?

Anonymous said...


Silly me. If I'm going to insult your taste in women, I should at least get my names right. Sorry! I don't even know who "Caroline Hunt" is.

It was Caroline Flint that I was referring to. Admit it - she's not exactly lady-like, is she? I always think she looks a bit shifty as well.

Newmania said...

Incidentally , for no reason other than to show how much cleverer I am than everyone else ,La Flints Gappy teeth are indicative of a lascivious nature which only adds to her allure .The association between a woman splayed gnashers and wanton behaviour has an ancient lineage going back at least to the medieval period when Chaucer used it to establish the sexually predatory character of the Wife of bath.....
Gat-tothed was she, soothly for to seye.
Upon an amblere esily she sat,
Ywympled wel, and on hir heed an hat
As brood as is a bokeler or a targe;.......

. The wanton wench slurring huskily from the hay through widely spaced teeth is still current and is an adornment to the beautiful Ms. Flint. Vile thought she may be politically she is eye candy of the first rank.

The Hitch said...
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more vulgar than a vulcans vulva said...

Ok, ok guys. Forget Flint.

Clare Hilley has just got back from Castaway.

Only 23 years old. Irritating, but slim, blonde and quite hot.

You would, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

Being compared to old Geoffrey's "Wyfe of Bath" is about as close as Caroline Flint has got to soap and water in a long time - what a greasy looking creature she is

more vulgar than a vulcans vulva said...

hitch 2:57:

That is SOOO going to get censored by Dale!

(anyway, didn't you use the word "chariot" after that last time?)

Newmania said...

I `m shocked ." Shocked" at your bad taste Hitch

News just out David Beckham is flying in especially to speak at Alan Balls Funeral
( Well ...he is a dead ball specialist )

While the Dales away the mice shall play eh . Cheerio

Lawrence said...

£5.5m eh, Iain? You'll need to get another dodgy transfer to cover that one.

verity said...

BTW, Margaret Thatcher had overwhelming support from women. They intuited that she was from real life.

Women intuit that Dave is from the Never-Neverland of PR stunts and photo ops and hasn't a clue what he would do once in government.

BTW, Margaret Thatcher would never have been so cowardly as to sack Patrick Mercer, an honourable man and an honourable soldier, over her mobile phone. In fact, she wouldn't have manufactured a pr-oriented reason to sack him in the first place. Women knew Maggie was stable, real and brave.

Second, I have been chilled with embarrassment at how eager the British are to be patronised by a toff. The number of comments I have read that say, in effect, "He really can relate to ordinary people," in thrilled tones curdles the blood.

First, what were they expecting? Lord Snooty? Second, OEs are always charming. They just are. It doesn't say anything about Dave in particular.

mike said...
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Newmania said...

MIKE-What a nasty and joyless ill-mannered bit of personal abuse that was .You will have entertained yourself only with that pedestrian effort but are solitary pleasures sufficient for you ? It seems likely and, sadly a picture is also forming in my head of you. I hope Verity considers you so far beneath her as to be unworthy of response?

How depressing it is to be around peculiar people

The Hitch said...
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neil craig said...

You are certainly right about the Tories always having won by getting more of the female vote - a constant niggle to those wimmen who claim to speak for womankind.

On the other hand you do make him sound like such a wimp Iain. In purely self interest terms perhaps they should, but I don't think women really like wimps.

Lady Finchley said...

Anonymous 2:10 - you undoubtedly have a very small member.

Anonymous said...

I'm female and I think Cameron is attractive but I won't vote for him. We need a leader with b&lls to stop this country going down the sink any further.

I must say Caroline Flint isn't someone I'd like to look like at all. She has no elegance or style.

Anonymous said...

[I'm actually 2br02b, but have been away for a few weeks and have come back to find I can't sign in as 2br02b any more since you changed things....] [Help!]


Sorry, Iain, but your proposition is a farrago of nonsense.

(a) Blair has busted the flush for the 'softer appreach', and hence Cameron, probalbly for some time. Windmill Dave, who is apparently so vacuuous as to make Blair look as if he knows what he's doing, is the wrong candidate for the wrong election, and come the GE, will crash and burn.

(b) History contradicts your thesis in any case. Adolf Hitler, not famous for his touchy-feely, family-friendly approach to life, won his elections that lead to power with the massive support of women voters.

kris said...

Credit to "normal" Newman: at least he self-identifies as a misogynist attack dog!

Despite Dave's best efforts, the nasty party boys keep putting off those of us who would otherwise vote Conservative.

I just thank God I don't live in Islington.

verity said...

2br02b - Agree with your points a) and b). Blair has definitely fouled the nest for touchy-feely. In fact, it will be very hard to decontaminate the touchy-feely battleground for some years (thank God).

What people - this would include women - want is strength, vision and purpose, not someone skipping over ice floes going "La la la la la!" David Davis has strength and directness and ballast. So does William Hague. Either of these men would sweep the Conservatives to victory. They are likable because they are strong and direct.

Like 2br02b, I think lip-service support for the Tories will evaporate like dew in an August morning as the election gets closer. There's nothing to vote for but a constant stream of silly photo ops.

I think, as repulsive as Gordon Brown is, the voters may prefer to give him a chance, rather than give Dave a chance.

But Davis or Hague could win by a landslide. I guarantee.

I simply do not understand Iain's infatuation with Cameron. I also don't know where Iain got the notion that women like him. Throughout history, great leaders (that includes Margaret Thatcher and QEI)have demonstrated strength, not sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

The blog is proud to announce that the "Morbidly Obese" award for 2006 was won jointly by the fatties of the forum "the hitch" and "verity". The happy couple weighed in at an impressive 62 stones,keep eating those chocs verity.Friends of the contestants retired to the dining area after the ceremony where the buffet was devoured by the award winners while the guests looked on in amazement.

mike said...
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jafo said...

Well for what it's worth chaps - I like David Cameron, he strikes me as extremely sharp-witted, able to speak off-the-cuff, charming and well-mannered. He seems to me like a real person, he exists apart from politics. He's also clean without any obviously disgusting personal habits (Gordon Brown's nose-picking at PMQs anyone?)

I do think there's steel under the charm - he's come a long way in a short time, and didn't do it all on the basis of a sweet smile! What I do want is to hear him speak out about things that matter to people, don't want him wasting his time on these stupid obviously false photo-ops. We've got Tony Blair for that, and we're well sick of him!

As to whether "if I had to, would I?" Actually, I don't vote on that basis............but I tell you what, it wouldn't be the same answer as for Gordon Brown or Tony Blair..........

mike said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.10:

You are"Mike" and I claim my £5!

No prize I did not write that post.

Anonymous said...


Fair enough and I apologise.

It's just that over the past few weeks, I've come to assume that anything totally moronic on this blog on a Friday afternoon has come from you.

If brains were dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow your hat off.

mike said...

Anonymous said...


Fair enough and I apologise.

That is a piss poor apology but still better than nowt I suppose.

verity said...

Anonymous 7:03 - that was funny!

Jafo writes of Cameron: "he strikes me as extremely sharp-witted, able to speak off-the-cuff, charming and well-mannered."

So? Wide boys are sharp witted and can speak off the cuff. Being charming and well-mannered is part of most people's portfolio. It's not a qualification for leading a nation. It's not a substitute for strength, vision and commitment. He's on OE, for God's sake! Have you ever met a loutish OE?

"He's also clean without any obviously disgusting personal habits."

What a strange list of qualifications for leadership! It's almost eerie.

And actually, he does have a disgusting personal habit - he does, or did until recently - drugs. And he was a proud member of the Bullingdon Club, whose sole purpose is to wreck other people's property and then pay the hapless owner, who may have spent years building up his business, for the damage. I find that pretty disgusting, too.

The Hitch said...

If anybody would care to have a look at "mike" visit my blog , it really is him.
Silly little boy who has jumped into some very deep water.

The Hitch said...

good point Verity
Cameron feels that he was born to rule.
I think is going to be disappointed

mike said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mike said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
verity said...

The Hitch - yes, there is a definite sense of entitlement there. Hague is a mental Everest compared to the foothills of David Camera's thought processes.

I don't know enough about Mr Davis to comment on his intellect, although his history would tend to lead us to believe that he doesn't lack for a quickness of thought and decision.

But both are self-made men who had to fight their way up. That they prevailed as others fell by the wayside tells me they are both leaders of quality. I would race to vote for either one of them.

mike said...

verity said...

You are not only the most objectionable poster I have ever encountered you are also the most boring.
Still when Iain returns all my posts will have been deleted and the morons who post here will be content again.
I will however continue to annoy that nasty chappie "the hutch" for a long time to come,see you at Guidos' fatty.

Newmania said...

Loneliness is a terrible thing and I am not entirely without pity but this is too dull. What to do hmmmm?

Aha the perfect option I shall neither address the prattling oik or trouble with the deluded bore.I feel with time I can bear the loss .

Et voila !For every problem there is a solution.

wrinkled weasel said...

Newmania.. Caroline Flint worries me. Not only does she have a moustache, but she has "piece of work" written all over her.

for me..dinner for two, somewhere comfy rather than pretentious, I would prefer Ann Widdecombe. I find it confusing to be sexually attracted to politicians...a bit like discovering you are gay and not being sure whether you feel comfortable about it.

Newmania said...

Jesus Weasel you have some serious issues . Shudder

Anonymous said...


Items I'm bidding on:

"How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.

just asking said...

verity said...
I have voted Conservative in every election in my life, but not the next one.
Who then ? BNP or UKIP ? Unfortunately I don't think we can vote our way out of the mess that is this country, it'll take violence to fix things now.

verity said...

Just Asking - I think we're overdue for a coup d'├ętat. I thought we were going to have one when Blair allowed Iranians to kidnap British military in international waters, and anticipated it with some eagerness, but strangely, it didn't happen.

It's building up a head of steam, though. If I were Blair and the Blairina, I wouldn't step out on any first floor balconies.

It may happen when Blair doesn't go ... and doesn't go ... He's going to resign as party leader. He won't let go the reins of power though. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

We're hardly likely to have a coup d'etat over the Iranians detaining UK service personnel in disputed waters when a high percentage of people in the UK thought the Iranians were entirely within their rights.

verity said...

Anonymous 12:17 - "We're hardly likely to have a coup d'etat over the Iranians detaining UK service personnel in disputed waters when a high percentage of people in the UK thought the Iranians were entirely within their rights."

Any chance you could inform yourself, given that you don't seem to have a knowledge of history - comprehensive boy? - on the difference between a coup d'├ętat and a revolution?

Ron Knee's Rants and Raves said...

No, THIS is me. I don't log in under different identities and thats a fact. I rarely peruse the political blogs as I am no master of politics, I just know what appeals to me. You are barking up the wrong tree.

Please explain the meaning of deep water in the sense you use the term?

As for knowing about the "mike" issue, some well-wisher sent me the body of your blog text in an email. It demonstrates that one should not jump at conclusions.

Ron Knee's Rants and Raves said...

Anonymous said...
Would your family prefer flowers or a donation to whatever was your favourite charity?
April 27, 2007 3:47 PM

Whoever this comment was aimed at, and I can only presume from the comments above that some misguided person thinks that I am this "Mike" I can only say that what a good job that blogger records all the IP logs of all who post, regardless of anonymity as this is tantamount to a death threat.